Friday, November 26, 2010

Table runner for sale

Size : 76" x 19"
Table runner A

Size : 70" x 19.5"
Table runner B

Price : RM15.00/pc
Postage : RM4.50

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's make simple and easy photo-cards

With the holidays right around the corner, it is time to start making your cards. One of the simplest and easiest types of cards to make is a photo card. Send a smiling face, a furry nose or a pretty scene to say hello to those near and far.
Making holiday cards to mail out is always a good idea at first, but it can quickly escalate into a huge task. Using photos as the main focus of your cards make your cards more personal by sharing what you love with those whom you love. So dig through your piles (or digital files) of photos and either start printing or send them off to your favorite photo processor to get started. With a stack of photos and the basics, such as white or kraft card stock, a simple stamp and embellishments, you are ready to go.
Family photos are probably the top images that are used for holiday cards. You can use a beautifully posed family photo or a few casual snapshots of the kids for your cards. So grab your camera and snap a few of the kids to put on the front of your cards. If  you're lucky, you can get one or two with both of them smiling at the same time. By simply cropping them with basic photo-editing software, you can create a card with a bit of a story and a sweet sentiment. If you don't have photo-editing software, you can get your photos printed at a standard size and then use punches to create square and circle-shaped photos for your card. If you don't have a sentiment stamp that matches your photos, use your word processor to print out whatever caption your heart desires. Then, cut and paste it on your photo.
Let's not forget our furry friends (or non-furry pets too)! They are important members of our families, and they can be just as excited for the holidays as we are. Snap a picture of your kitty snuggled up in a chair enjoying a sunbeam to wish your friends and family "Warm Holiday Greetings." Or consider taking a photo of your fish to say "Many Holiday Fishes" for a fun play on words.
To create the Polaroid look, print a 3 x 5-inch photo on 4 x 6-inch photo paper. Simply trim down the sides and top, and leave the excess on the bottom. Either stamp the sentiment on the bottom or run the photo through your printer to add a sentiment.
If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the world that receives snow, don't forget to grab your camera and get a few pictures of the fresh snow on the trees. Even an ice storm can add beauty to a bare tree branch. Or take a shot of a bright red cardinal perched on a wooden fence taking a rest from a long flight. The beauty of winter can make a perfect image for the front of your holiday card.
Now, if you are lucky enough to live in a part of the world that does NOT receive snow, consider a photo of a cactus covered in colored tree lights, or even a green wreath on a red front door. While you may not have the typical "winter" scenery, you can easily take a walk around your town and find some images that capture your eyes.
So, have fun making your cards!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Swap, its fun together

There is nothing more charming than a good, old-fashioned swap! Artists and crafters have so much to swap, from artist cards to greeting cards, from fibers to buttons! I enjoy it because it broadens my creative vision and adds to my creative stash. Generally, we can swap cards, tags, fibers, stamps and handmade papers. It's not hard to set up a swap. All you have to do is pick a theme (cards, fibers, fabric scraps, beads ... you name it!) and gather a group of friends who want to participate. It's even better for school children or kindergarden kids either for their fun activities or school projects.
To summarize how a swap works, the swap leader sets a theme and deadline, takes in all the swap contributions, and then redistributes the goodies.

Cards are wonderful to swap because you can learn new techniques and ideas.
Tags are quite popular as swaps too.

Basic of Swapping
1.Designate a swap coordinator (usually someone will volunteer). In some swaps, two items will be made or given to the swap. One is sent to the coordinator for his or her efforts while the second is sent to another swap member.
2.Pick the number of people you'd like to include in the swap. It's best to start with a small group.
3.Pick a theme, technique or embellishment for your swap. You can also have swaps for materials used in card making, like having a fiber, ribbon or card-stock swap. It's your swap ... get creative!

4.Set deadlines for beginning and ending the swap. Once the date has passed, no more people can sign up to participate. Let swap members know when the swap item should be in the mail. A gentle reminder a week before this deadline isn't a bad idea.
5.Swap items can be sent to the coordinator who will in turn mail out the swap to all participants, OR, once there is a list of participants, the coordinator may exchange all mailing information to each participant. In this case, each participant will be given another swap member's mailing information, so the swap can be mailed directly to a swap "partner."
The last step of any swap is to follow up to make sure all swap members got their swaps. It's a good time to ask how everyone enjoyed the swap, and if there is any interest in a future swap.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Order drpd Johor

Salam..lama juga tak letak entry baru dalam blog ni...nasib baik berhabuk sikit jer, belum sampai bersawang lagi...well, entry kali ini serba ringkas tentang order daripada Johor empunya badan minta dirahsiakan dirinya...
keseluruhan order - doily 10" = 4 pcs

doily 10" - guna crochet yarn - poly

yg ini saya kait guna knitting yarn (benang besar)..paten ini adalah suggestion saya, belum pernah ada dalam blog ni...di harap tuan punya berpuas hati dengan hasil kerja tangan saya nie...terima kasih daun keladi..(",)


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