Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making Cards - Keep it Simple

If your goal is to make more cards this year, you may want to adopt the mantra "Keep it simple!" Start your new year off by keeping your card-making style clean and simple.
You may have heard people talk about a clean and simple style of card making or may have even read about it on a message board. Sometimes you may see it abbreviated as CAS for Clean And Simple.
This style doesn't mean you can't have color and fun design. The design of a CAS card tends to have more "white space," but that space doesn't always need to be white. White space gives your eye a place to rest and allows the focal point of the card to stand out more. The Sorry for Your Loss card to the right has a lot of white space that is actually white. This background combined with another light color, yellow, makes the dark-color sentiment really stand out.
 As you can see in the sample of Happy Birthday card, white space doesn't need to be white. The bold, bright blue background speaks well for a birthday card that is fun and playful. Here, the "white space" allows your eye to drop straight down to the sentiment that runs across the lower section of the card.

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