Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crochet & Play With Amigurumi

Everyone loves crocheted dolls and toys, so if you haven't yet tried amigurumi, you're in for a treat! These simple, little crocheted dolls are loved by children and collectors around the world and are a terrific way to use up scraps of yarn that would not be the least bit useful for other projects of a larger size.

Amigurumi is a Japanese word for crocheted or knitted figures of animals, people or a combination of the two. In Japanese, the word ami refers to crochet or knitting; the word for stuffed doll is nuigurumi. Dolls that combine human features or characteristics with a non-human form are called anthropomorphic and are an integral part of the amigurumi craze.Most traditional amigurumi dolls are very simple with a cute, cartoon-like appearance due to their cylinder-shaped bodies, enlarged round heads and undersized extremities. While the animals and anthropomorphic dolls are the most abundant, many patterns are available now that offer more realistic-looking dolls both in human and animal form.
Searching the Internet for examples of amigurumi patterns will produce literally tens of thousands of pattern choices from outrageously comical to nearly lifelike. If you'd like to try something super simple, patterns for an adorable set of Christmas ornaments in the amigurumi style can be found at the Lily Sugar'n Cream website as a free download.
 Once you've created a few of these heartwarming, pocket-sized dolls, you're sure to be making your own renditions with every scrap you have! Even a cute keychain..

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